Parliamo di libri (in Inglese)

Ci stiamo preparando in gran segreto per un social club veramente speciale: sarà guidato dalla nostra Personal Tutor Sara Di Crescenzio e si parlerà di libri. Forse avete intuito di cosa stiamo parlando, ma solo nelle prossime settimane faremo le “presentazioni ufficiali”. Intanto, ecco a voi un po’ di vocabulary (da memorizzare!) sui libri .

Per prima cosa, il vocabolario essenziale:

of the highest quality

a book with a rigid cover

historical novel
a story set in the past

the main events in a film or book

a piece of furniture with shelves (flat pieces of wood/metal, etc) for putting books on.

reference books
books that are used for finding information, such as dictionaries or encyclopaedias.

a list of all the books or other material in the library. You can search for things by keyword, author, title or subject.

if a book is “overdue”, you have not returned it on the correct date.

library card
a card with information about the user or book.


Passiamo ai verbi tipici del mondo della letteratura e ad alcuni utili verb pattern:

to be engrossed in
to be completely focused on one thing

bedtime reading
something to read in bed before you go to sleep

to be a big reader
someone who reads a lot

to be heavy-going
difficult to read

the central character
the main person in a film or book

to come highly recommended
to be praised by another person

couldn’t put it down
wasn’t able to stop reading a book

to flick through
to look quickly through a book

to get a good/bad review
to receive positive or negative feedback

a page turner
a book that you want to keep reading

to read something from cover to cover
to read a book from the first page to the last

to take out (a book from the library)
to borrow a book from the library

to tell the story of
to outline the details of someone’s life or an event

to browse
to look at books casually or to look for information.


Possono mancare i nostri amati idioms, cioè i modi di dire?

don’t judge a book by its cover
used for saying that you should not form an opinion about someone or something only from their appearance

take a leaf out of someone’s book
to copy what someone else does because they are successful at doing it

by the book
correctly, following all the rules or systems for doing something in a strict way

the oldest trick in the book
a dishonest method of doing something that you know about because it has been used many times before

an open book
something or someone that is easy to know about because nothing is kept secret.

Vi ricordiamo che presso il centro Wall Street English di Siena abbiamo una piccola Students’ Library con audiolibri e testi per tutti i livelli di apprendimento, per potenziare vocabolario e pronuncia. Happy reading!